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Paul Brice is a Clinical Exercise Specialist who has a passion for helping people with more complicated health, fitness or sporting requirements. Paul has a vast amount of experience working with people with all manner of medical conditions, health complaints, and injuries as well as helping to train athletes for strength and conditioning specific to their sport. Many of Paul’s clients have multiple issues that need to be addressed, and are often at an odds to what exercise or activity they can do. This approach he calls Intelligent Exercise.

Paul was an international athlete for 7 years. He gained his first senior international vest aged 17, and representing his country in the Long Jump, Hurdles, Javelin and Decathlon. Paul graduated in 1986 with a joint honours degree in Sports Science and Biology, and started work in the fitness industry. Since 1993 Paul has been involved with patient referrals from the NHS, and in 2004 Paul joined forces with Spencer McCormack and established the first private gym to be located in an NHS Hospital, BWell Gym.

Paul’s innovative approach to exercise has led him to develop a new programme for pulmonary rehabilitation. This is known as the Brice Method, and is being packaged as a new approach to help people suffering with COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The Brice Method has been detailed in a new book Paul has written called, ‘COPD innovative breathing techniques’. This book is now available on the Amazon bookstore and in all the major online bookshops.

Paul now shares his time between delivering clinical exercise programmes for the NHS and working with private clients as a Specialist Personal Trainer.

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What is stopping you from Exercising?

Price list

Brice Method COPD breathing course.

This is a complete package for the one to one delivery of the Brice Method COPD programme. This includes 8 individual activity sessions, along with progressive homework plans, an exercise kit designed to help your needs plus a copy of Paul’s new book, ‘COPD innovative breathing techniques.’

Cost £450

Block booking of 5 sessions

I work in block bookings of 5 sessions at a time. I do this because my clients find they need time to understand absorb and digest the very personalised exercises that I recommend. Usually, poor posture, work related imbalances, or the domino effect of poor health has taken years if not decades to occur. Clients realise they won’t fix themselves in one or two sessions.

My methods generally require you to commit to take on some homework exercises or gym focused activity to learn new movement patterns. You can spread the sessions over a many weeks as you like, and I will advise what I feel is appropriate for you..

Cost £180 

(BWell members and referrals from existing clients get a preferential rates of £150 for 5 session block bookings)

Individual personal training sessions

I offer individual rehabilitation or personal training sessions which last approximately 55 minutes. These sessions are for those who want a one off programme of exercises which can either be written and drawn out ( I am always complimented on my anatomically correct stickmen) or with videos of the exercises emailed directly to you. I find that I can not use video libraries as I tweek and personalise every exercise to each client. No two bodies are the same.

Cost £45

(BWell members and referrals from existing members get a preferential rate, paying only £35)


When I came through the NHS, I thought that was my lot in life. All I was looking forward to was getting older and my health getting worse. After attending sessions under the guidance of Paul, my health and my breathing improved. I could walk further and without having to stop and rest. I am now more active, enjoy much better health and I am not so reliant on medicines as I was. I am chuffed to bits.




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Brice Exercise Specialists

If any of my personal training clients past or present have any problems during this worrying time, and you need any assistance with accessing vital supplies, prescriptions etc, please feel free to message me. ...

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This app is just brilliant if you own a smartphone! What3words, is an app that allows you to identify your location anywhere in the world to a 3sqM square, and tell emergency services where you are by using the 3 words that the box is identified by. Every 3sqM box has a unique 3 words to identify it.
For instance ....festivity.waddle.crowd.... refers to the main entrance to BWell gym.

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