Intelligent Exercise – a novel approach.

For over 30 years Paul has been teaching exercise to people using an ever-expanding tool kit of training methods. Paul has developed an intuitive set of exercises and programmes for different groups of people, all of which have very specific training needs. He describes his approach as Intelligent Exercise.

Paul works with you to identify any postural or movement pattern issues, potential areas of weakness or any pain symptoms. He then focuses on helping you to work on correcting these issues, using the appropriate exercises to help you reach your objectives. 

Often, Paul’s exercises are unique, highly bespoke to your body and your individual needs. These little tweaks and personal touches are what Paul’s clients find the most beneficial from this Intelligent Exercise approach. 

This personalised approach can be adapted to almost any individuals needs, but is particularly useful for people who are the most serious about their health and fitness.

For more details email Paul or you can ring him on 07971 811758

Price list

Brice Method COPD breathing course.

This is a complete package for the one to one delivery of the Brice Method COPD programme. This includes 8 individual activity sessions, along with progressive homework plans, an exercise kit designed to help your needs plus a copy of Paul’s new book, ‘COPD innovative breathing techniques.’

Cost £450

Block booking of 5 sessions

I work in block bookings of 5 sessions at a time. I do this because my clients find they need time to understand absorb and digest the very personalised exercises that I recommend. Usually, poor posture, work related imbalances, or the domino effect of poor health has taken years if not decades to occur. Clients realise they won’t fix themselves in one or two sessions.

My methods generally require you to commit to take on some homework exercises or gym focused activity to learn new movement patterns. You can spread the sessions over a many weeks as you like, and I will advise what I feel is appropriate for you..

Cost £180 

(BWell members and referrals from existing clients get a preferential rates of £150 for 5 session block bookings)

Individual personal training sessions

I offer individual rehabilitation or personal training sessions which last approximately 55 minutes. These sessions are for those who want a one off programme of exercises which can either be written and drawn out ( I am always complimented on my anatomically correct stickmen) or with videos of the exercises emailed directly to you. I find that I can not use video libraries as I tweek and personalise every exercise to each client. No two bodies are the same.

Cost £45

(BWell members and referrals from existing members get a preferential rate, paying only £35)


My teenage son has Cerebral Palsy. He has had several operations over the last few years and I was becoming increasingly anxious about his high muscle tone and lack of movement.

We have been working with Paul since May 2016. Paul has given my son and I the confidence to increase his range of movement through a personal programme of massage and exercises. Josh engages actively during his sessions and looks forward to continuing his exercises at home and school. I am a very proud mother as watch the working partnership between Paul and Josh and the positive progress Josh is making to his independence.

Many thanks for all your help and support.

Julie S


2 months ago

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If any of my personal training clients past or present have any problems during this worrying time, and you need any assistance with accessing vital supplies, prescriptions etc, please feel free to message me. ...

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This app is just brilliant if you own a smartphone! What3words, is an app that allows you to identify your location anywhere in the world to a 3sqM square, and tell emergency services where you are by using the 3 words that the box is identified by. Every 3sqM box has a unique 3 words to identify it.
For instance ....festivity.waddle.crowd.... refers to the main entrance to BWell gym.

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